About the Film

Bess, a lonely, rebellious trailer park teen, steals a car and makes a desperate journey from Kansas to Vegas in search of a father she never knew. Her trip takes her deep into the seedy underbelly of America where she encounters an array of lost-souls, deadbeats and con men, and learns that family can be found in the oddest of places.

ANYWHERE FILMS was founded in 2009 and is comprised of six filmmakers: Maya Anand, Justin Begnaud, Edward Blythe, Jesse Cuevas, William J. Saunders, and James Windeler. Together these filmmakers have collaborated in a multitude of capacities through every level of production in short, commercial, and feature productions. Anywhere Films is dedicated to creating, through focused collaboration, innovative films that stretch the boundaries of independent cinema.

Having studied at Columbia University’s School of the Arts Film Division together since 2005, each of these filmmakers brings a unique storyteller’s perspective to the team, with backgrounds spanning the globe, from Australia to India, to England, to the United States. Each member has operated as writer, director, and producer on a variety of projects, establishing a well-rounded foundation upon which to launch their first production under the Anywhere Films masthead, Sweet Little Lies.

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